Brother, Can You Spare $2 Billion?: Is Artist Peter Fend an Autodidactic Genius or a Globetrotting Gadfly?

Fend harvesting algae for biofuel in New Zealand. (Courtesy the artist)

Who is Peter Fend?

“The Buckminster Fuller of the New Wave,” art critic Alan Jones suggested in an article 20 years ago.

“The Lawrence of Arabia of the art world,” Mr. Fend’s old collaborator, the artist Richard Prince, opined in the same article.

“He’s really Tristram Shandy,” Maxwell Graham, his art dealer, told The Observer.

Last week Mr. Fend wrote an email to The Observer. “Here is what I would like to discuss,” he said. “How to translate art exhibition into material-culture and territorial proposition. From image to plan. I believe this was intended in cave art. They were showing how to throw a spear, or how to kill the buffalo, with intention of getting that job done.” Read More

2012 in Review

10 Rediscoveries From 2012

10 Photos

Bill Bollinger at SculptureCenter and Algus Greenspon

Though there was no shortage of great debuts around town in 2012, it felt like an especially strong year for rediscoveries—exhibitions that offered the chance to revisit artists that the New York market and most mainstream art histories have, for various reasons, overlooked. All around town, museums and galleries presented artists who are late in their careers and who have shown little in New York in recent years (or in recent decades)—if they have even shown here at all. Read More