Max Hetzler Plans Paris Gallery, Opens Two New Berlin Locations

Berlin. (Getty Images)

It’s not just the New York art world that is experiencing some major gallery-location changes. Over in Berlin, Galerie Max Hetzler is planning to open two new spaces in West Berlin this weekend, one with an Albert Oehlen solo show, the other with a group show. Hetzler said it will close its gallery in the Wedding neighborhood in December, following a 40th-anniversary show that opens in November. Read More


Breaking: Senior Citizen Seeks Live-in Muse in Paris

Watch out muses! This guy is looking for you.

Hey everyone! Are you looking to drop everything, pack up your whole life and move in with a complete stranger who is a “kind, senior, sympathetic, well-read, cultured, very polite, positive, not-bad-looking fellow with a good voice and a wide range of skills to keep him busy” and, rest assured, is “not at all fussy or difficult to live with?” Read More