New York’s Know-Wave Radio Station Is Broadcasting From Dallas This Weekend


Today through Sunday, Know-Wave, the online radio station conceived by Aaron Bondaroff (aka A-ron, the Downtown Don, aka the founder of Los Angeles’s OHWOW gallery), which typically broadcasts from New York, will be live down in Dallas. The change of location is timed to coincide with the Dallas Art Fair, where OHWOW, naturally, is showing work.

The station is operating out of the Comme des Garçons Play storefront at Dallas’s Joule Hotel, and will feature live broadcasts throughout the weekend as well as a re-creation of the OHWOW Book Club, the West Village boutique shop designed by Architecture at Large’s Rafael de Cardenás that usually serves as Know-Wave’s base of operations. (Mr. Cardenás also worked with the gallery on the Dallas space.) Read More

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Ohwow Tackles Politics With Pictures

Terry Richardson. (Courtesy the artist)

Aaron Bondaroff—a k a A-ron, the Downtown Don, a k a one of the co-founders of Ohwow art gallery, a k a “the original 30-something LES hipster,” as Gawker put it—is entering politics. Ohwow is teaming with the chic political group Downtown for Democracy to publish a small pamphlet called the Pocket Guide to Politics. It will be released on May 1, and Dan Colen, Aurel Schmidt and Terry Richardson are involved. Read More