Daphne Guinness and Simon de Pury on Collecting

Stil from "Collecting is an Illness" by Johnnie Shand Kydd. (Courtesy Nowness)

“Collecting is a wonderful illness,” proclaims auctioneer and collector Simon de Pury in a short film called Collecting Is an Illness,¬†which recently launched on Nowness. “It’s totally incurable.” In the film, Mr. de Pury is seated across from beer heiress and fashion collector Daphne Guinness, whose hair is dyed in skunk stripes and swept up in a messy French twist. The film cuts to a close-up of Ms. Guinness’s glossed and firmly pressed lips. “It’s an obsession,” he says and the camera cuts to Ms. Guinness’s legs, which are crossed in fishnet stockings. Read More