8 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before June 22

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THURSDAY | Opening: "Vision Quest" at Klagsbrun


Benefit: “Block Party 2012,” at the Arsenal in Central Park
The Horticulture Society of New York (“The Hort”) hosts a silent auction and meet-and-greet with artists, in support of its GreenHouse program, which provides horticultural therapy and vocational training for inmates on Riker’s Island. In support of the cause, artists Barry McGee, Sue Kwon, Chris Johanson and Steve Powers have all donated works, and graffiti artist KAWS has produced something specifically for this event. Photographer Lawrence Schiller has donated one of the just-published photographs of Marilyn Monroe featured in Vanity Fair. The event is free and open to the public. —Rozalia Jovanovic Read More

Performa 11

A Unique Art Opening Turns Sweat Into Chakra at Nicole Klagsbrun Project Space

Image from "Seven." Courtesy Performa

People looked a little bewildered when they first walked into “Seven,” Mika Rottenberg and Jon Kessler’s performance last night at Nicole Klagsbrun, part of Performa 11. On a bench just to the side of the door sat four people in bathrobes. At one side of the room, a man stripped to his underwear was inside a glass sweat chamber. He was sitting in a large bowl that rotated slowly as a person in a bathrobe pedaled swiftly on an exercise bike outside the chamber. To their right was a woman in a lab coat, operating a large machine made of metal sheeting, copper piping, old coffee cans and light bulbs; she was collecting the colorful liquid produced by the machine into test tubes. A long tube ran across the ceiling that connected the sweat chamber and the machine. Two screens played a video of a group of men in Africa digging up clay out of the ground in a desert. Read More