Family Business Gallery Goes to Paris

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May 2012

It may have been the smallest gallery in Chelsea, but Family Business was impossible to miss. Strolling down West 21st Street, one might find raspberry bushes growing inside the tiny space, an impromptu tea party spilling out onto the sidewalk, artists raising hell on homemade instruments or the latest exhibition getting set on fire or smashed to bits. Sadly, the oddball operation founded by “retired” artist Maurizio Cattelan and New Museum associate director Massimiliano Gioni, is on the move. The gallery “ended its current reincarnation and will be reborn some day on planet Earth again,” wrote Daria Irincheeva, the former director, in an email. It has, in fact, already cropped back up in Paris, where guest curator Nadja Argyropoulou is working on projects with Chalet Society and the Palais de Tokyo. Read More


Fire in Chelsea! Family Business Gallery Burns Show

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On Thursday night Ari Marcopoulos, curator of the most recent show at the Family Business gallery in Chelsea, was making a Molotov cocktail in a Snapple bottle. Outside, about 50 people were gathered around a trashcan overflowing with Xeroxed photographs, drawings, receipts, business cards, pornography and other paper ephemera that were on the gallery walls less than an hour before. You can probably guess where this is going. Read More


Morning Links: Lost-and-Found Klimt Edition

Visitors look at Gustav Klimt's painting "Der Kuss" (The Kiss), 2009. (Courtesy Dieter Nagl/AFP/Getty Images)

Barbara Kruger and Catherine Opie followed John Baldessari in resigning from the board of MOCA L.A. Here’s their letter. [L.A. Times]

An early fresco by the artist Gustav Klimt, thought to be lost for good, was allegedly found by a man in his garage in Northern Austria, just as Austria is celebrating the painter’s 150th birthday. Experts say the fresco is most likely by Klimt’s brother Ernst. [The Guardian] Read More


Maurizio Cattelan and Richard Phillips Go 3-D for ‘Visionaire 62′

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Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari for Visionaire 62 Rio

Visionaire, the magazine of fashion and art that is produced in exclusive limited editions as unique, artful objects, has announced that its new issue, Visionaire 62 Rio, will feature a series of 3-D works reinterpreting Rio de Janero, including contributions by artists Pierpaolo Ferrari, Marilyn Minter, Richard Phillips, Vik Muniz, Eli Sudbrack (of Assume Vivid Astro Focus) and Marco Brambilla, as well as retired artist Maurizio Cattelan. Read More

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Condo, Kelly, Close Reveal Fantasy Art Wish Lists

Artists Cindy Sherman and Chuck Close. (Photo: Jimi Celeste courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Which art-world bigwig owns “a lot of drawings” by John Currin? Which Christie’s director would own Rothkos if she could afford them? And which reporter reveals, “at dinner tonight, I’m sitting next to Richard Serra”?

We won’t divulge all of the details from this Architectural Digest piece, assembled from interviews at a variety of recent art events, but suffice it to say that Ellsworth Kelly, Barbara Walters, Chuck Close, Martha Stewart, January Jones and David Rockefeller, Jr., among others, gave some interesting answers when asked by the magazine to name their fantasy art wish lists. Read More


Of Human Bondage (and Caramelized Bacon): Breaking Code at the ‘Toilet Paper’ Party

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Members of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black with hostess Ladyfag. Toilet Paper Issue Launch Party

“This is interesting,” said a man to his friends. He wore leather pants with a harness over his bare chest. He was looking around at all the people at the Toilet Paper magazine issue launch party on the roof deck of the Eagle Bar, a leather daddy hot spot, last night. A waiter walked by with a small plate of hors d’oeuvres.

“Why?” we asked.

“It’s so refined,” he told Gallerist. “They were serving caramelized bacon before. Why would they want to have this party here? If they weren’t here, you would see a man in a horse mask being led around on a leash. But I guess it is being thrown by Paper magazine.” Read More


Artforum’s Artguide App: a Review

Artforum released a new app for iPhones on March 13, a sleek and somewhat flashy portal to its renowned Artguide, the interactive heart of the Artforum website. This app is sleek and nifty, costs $2.99, and like its magazine, is geared to art world professionals and industry insiders who regularly travel the globe following the ever-expanding circuit of art fairs, openings and auctions. Read More


Maurizio Cattelan’s ‘More and More Penises’ at Vice Holy Trinity Launch Party

Maurizio Cattelan at VICE Issue Launch Party (Photo: Rozalia Jovanovic)

At 8:20 p.m. last night, artist Maurizio Cattelan was standing in line for a rum drink by the make-shift bar at Anna Kustera Gallery in Chelsea to which his own tiny storefront gallery, Family Business, is annexed. There was a pile of magazines next to him with bright blue covers, as it was the Vice magazine issue release party for the Holy Trinity Issue and Mr. Cattelan had designed the front cover, which features a picture of three objects—a stapler, a red plunger and a dildo, the last of which was covered with a black sticker that had the word “dildo” printed on it. We made to say hello to the skinny Italian artist as he left the bar, but the artist, who was wearing a dark sport jacket, black skinny jeans and modish white leather sneakers, was intercepted by a tall blonde woman. Around him in the small bright space, was a group exhibition mostly of photographic work. The crowd was dressed casually and seemed barely out of college. Read More