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Marina Abramović Makes Movie for Shoe Company, Ruins Performance Art Forever

Ms. Abramovic

There’s still soccer happening in Brazil, and as a result Adidas has paid Marina Abramović what must be vast sums of money to recreate her performance Work Relation, from 1978, on film, only this time with everyone wearing Adidas. In it, the men and women and Marina Abramović wearing said Adidas walk through Pioneer Works in Red Hook carrying rocks in different ways. It appears to be a metaphor for sports. Read More


Marina Abramovic Now Selling Hugs for $1

(Courtesy Getty Images)

If you’ve been following our coverage of Marina Abramovic’s Kickstarter, which hopes to spur construction of a Marina Abramovic Institute for performance art, then you know she could use a little help on the donations front. In fact, with 17 days to go she has not yet raised even 40 percent of the $600,000 she’s asked for from her fans around the world. Read More


Artists and Collectors on the Outdoor Art They Love

Peter Brant II, 2011. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

The ever-enterprising Architectural Digest has just published a post called “The Inquisitive Guest,” for which it asked a variety of art types, like MoMA PS1 director Klaus Biesenbach and artists Maurizio Cattelan, Marina Abramovic and George Condo, about their favorite places for viewing art outdoors. Their answers are astounding. Which artist loves the Tuileries in Paris? Who considers Pompeii a sculpture garden? And who could do without art in nature altogether? Read on. Read More