Watch Liz Magic Laser Develop a Piece


Here’s a little treat with which to coast into the holiday: Art21’s New York Close Up documentary series , which involves two actors performing hand gestures from State of the Union addresses given by George H. W. Bush in 1990 and Barack Obama in 2012. The work was performed at Derek Eller Gallery and MoMA PS1. Read More


Celebrating Feminism (and Getting Drunk on Mead) at the Brooklyn Museum Gala

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Mia Moretti DJing. Don't really remember this bit.

The Brooklyn Museum’s annual Artists Ball gala was held on the fifth anniversary of the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art on the museum’s fourth floor. The lobby was filled with more than a few intimidating presences for the occasion. Gloria Steinem stood a bit hidden behind the press check-in and had a long line of admirers waiting to hold court with her; Marisa Tomei wore a gold chain that read BROOKLYN spelled out in cursive and said that feminist art “touches your soul”; Judy Chicago, the artist behind the Sackler Center’s permanent installation The Dinner Party, wore bright green and pink and stuck out of the crowd. Read More

Performa 11

Liz Magic Laser Feels Your Pain

Performance still of "I Feel Your Pain" by Liz Magic Laser. (Courtesy the artist and Performa)

The improbably named artist Liz Magic Laser has been watching and reading a lot of political interviews. “The conceit of the political interview,” she told The Observer in her studio in Dumbo, “is that you’re getting to see the real person, that they’re exposing themselves in some way—that this important, influential figure is performing a breach in their performance. I started to look at this as a form of dramaturgy.”

Ms. Laser’s words call to mind the ancient Greeks, who brought theater, oration and representative politics into the world. They could hardly have imagined that the combination of them would result in today’s political circus, where an entire nation tunes in to watch Sarah Palin go hunting, John Boehner cry, the government nearly shut down, the president purchase a dog. Read More