Morning Links: Damaged and Dead Sculptures Edition


A cleaning person “destroyed” a Kippenberger sculpture valued at more than $1 million in Dortmund, Germany, by removing what appeared to be a stain on the work. “It is now impossible to return it to its original state,” a museum spokesperson said. As some have noted, saying the work has been destroyed is a bit much, since the entire sculpture is, in fact, intact, and one imagines the museum will be able to retouch the work. [Telegraph], the web company that bills itself as the Pandora for visual art and is supported by Dasha Zhukova and Wendi Murdoch, among others, just raised $6 million. [TechCrunch]

“Following the Smart Art Money”: Kelly Crow takes a look at what Lily Safra, Scott Black and other collectors and art experts recommend buying at this uncertain moment in the market. [WSJ] Read More