Leo Fitzpatrick Debuts New Book at OHWOW West Village

The signing, Mr. Fitzpatrick barely seen to the left (Photo by Rebecca Smeyne/Paper)

“That’s your tombstone, man,” said Leo Fitzpatrick, drawing a little headstone with flowers on the title page of his new book Not Garbage, a zine-y collection of art by the man himself, Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Adam McEwen, Hanna Liden, Nate Lowman, Josh Smith and Dash Snow.

The signing was held in the bright basement that is the OHWOW bookstore in the West Village (Photos here) . “It says, ‘For Dan,'” he said, of the tombstone, when he finished the Sharpie drawing. It did. Read More


Friend Me! Tweet This! Collect That?

"Rainbow City"

Last Wednesday artists and techies crammed the main hall of General Assembly, one of Silicon Alley’s group workspaces, for a panel called “Art Outside the Gallery.” The discussion included entertaining takes on how people discover new art these days: interior designer and set decorator Christina Tonkin described how one client, an unnamed New York Yankee, wanted the painting that hung in superagent Ari Gold’s office on the HBO show Entourage. (It wasn’t a real painting, so she had it reproduced by the show’s set designer). Also on the panel was the affable painter Richard Phillips, who regaled the audience with anecdotes about texting with Lindsay Lohan. Read More