Stiglitz, Freeland, Mandles Talk Art, Inequality, at Leila Heller Gallery


Chelsea galleries are better known for serving the super rich than taking them to task, but if any 1-percent patrons happened upon Leila Heller Gallery  last Tuesday night, they were in for a surprise. A panel discussion devoted to economic inequality brought Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz and Thomson Reuters Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland to the gallery to speak alongside Roger Mandle, executive director of the Qatar Museums Authority, and artist Gayle Mandle.

Diana Burroughs, the director of modern and contemporary art at Leila Heller Gallery, said that as art becomes more political, she wants to broaden the gallery’s engagement with other fields and involve experts from outside the art world. “The fact is that there is a movement and there should be a dialogue about how art is reflecting society,” she said.   Read More


Rachel Lee Hovnanian Serves Up ‘Mud Pie’ at Leila Heller Gallery

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Texas Mud Pie, Hands and Feet (Self-portrait), 2012

The last time we caught up with the work of New York–based artist Rachel Lee Hovnanian, it was in Los Angeles in October at the inaugural Art Platform fair, where Ms. Hovnanian sent two swimsuit-wearing models wandering through the stalls. They strolled the fair in sandals, carrying signs that listed their dress sizes, eerily calm in the otherwise crowded, frenzied environment. Read More