Bidding Up: Escalating Prices are Putting Pressure on Dealers to Double Down on their Own Artists

(Illustration by Joseph Daniel Fiedler)

Last May, at Christie’s New York, the painting Park Avenue Façade by Abstract Expressionist Michael Goldberg soared to $461,000, well above the $100,000 to $150,000 estimate set by the auction house. The new artist’s record was set by Michael Rosenfeld, the Manhattan gallery owner who represents Goldberg’s estate. The art dealer said  he regularly buys Read More


A Good Yarn: Artists’ Tapestries Are Popping Up in Museums, but They’re Not Yet Woven Into the Market

Chuck Close, Self-Portrait (Pink T-shirt), jacquard tapestry,

Earlier this month, Guild Hall, a nonprofit exhibition space in East Hampton, opened an exhibition of the work of painter Chuck Close. The 27 works in the show all feature his trademark, mostly large-scale portraits of himself or his artist friends. There are ink drawings from the 1970s, several oil paintings, a Japanese-style woodcut, silkscreen Read More

public art

Kiki Smith Will Bring Stained Glass Stars to Times Square

A preview of the work from the press release. (Courtesy James Ewing/Art Production Fund)

Kiki Smith will be the third artist to be featured in the Public Art Fund’s “Last Lot” series, which brings art to a deserted lot in Times Square at 8th Avenue and West 46th Street, the project’s organizers announced today.

Ms. Smith will place a series of stained glass stars statues in the lot that range from “18 inches to six feet in height and are a kaleidoscope of hand-blown, translucent, iridized, modeled, and cathedral glass,” according to a press release. Read More