Performa 11

A Unique Art Opening Turns Sweat Into Chakra at Nicole Klagsbrun Project Space

Image from "Seven." Courtesy Performa

People looked a little bewildered when they first walked into “Seven,” Mika Rottenberg and Jon Kessler’s performance last night at Nicole Klagsbrun, part of Performa 11. On a bench just to the side of the door sat four people in bathrobes. At one side of the room, a man stripped to his underwear was inside a glass sweat chamber. He was sitting in a large bowl that rotated slowly as a person in a bathrobe pedaled swiftly on an exercise bike outside the chamber. To their right was a woman in a lab coat, operating a large machine made of metal sheeting, copper piping, old coffee cans and light bulbs; she was collecting the colorful liquid produced by the machine into test tubes. A long tube ran across the ceiling that connected the sweat chamber and the machine. Two screens played a video of a group of men in Africa digging up clay out of the ground in a desert. Read More