The Holy Fool From Oberhausen: Christoph Schlingensief’s Riotous Art Comes to New York


“Tötet Helmut Kohl” (“Kill Helmut Kohl”) read the banner that got German artist Christoph Schlingensief arrested. It was 1997, and the sign aimed at the conservative chancellor was part of his project for Documenta, the prestigious quinquennial art festival in Kassel, Germany. He could have gotten off the hook by telling the authorities it was “just art,” but he and the young curator backing him had other plans. Read More


Cindy Sherman Also Thinks New York’s Thrift Shops Are Picked Over


If you happen to pick up a catalogue for Cindy Sherman’s retrospective at MoMA, be sure to check out the interview with director John Waters on page 68. As Ms. Sherman is a sartorial chameleon and Mr. Waters a king of kitsch, it was maybe inevitable that they would land on the topic of thrift stores, and Ms. Sherman reveals that, like most people, she’s had trouble finding anything good in New York’s second-hand shops. Read More