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‘Willem de Kooning: Ten Paintings, 1983–1985′ at Gagosian Gallery

Willem de Kooning with no title, 1984. (© 2013 The Willem de Kooning Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York)

Whatever Larry Gagosian is paying former MoMA Chief Curator John Elderfield to consult for him, it is not enough. The second show that Mr. Elderfield has organized for Gagosian is another tour de force. In his 2011 Willem de Kooning (1904–97) retrospective, Mr. Elderfield included a handful of the artist’s paintings from the first half of the 1980s. This 10-painting show at Gagosian expands the story of that late period, and for anyone who wasn’t around to see the works when they were first shown at the Fourcade Gallery, it is a revelation. Read More


Art.sy Hires John Elderfield as Senior Adviser

Mr. Elderfield.

New York Times writer Carol Vogel breaks the news over in her Inside Art column that Art.sy–an art world tech start-up that calls itself the “Pandora for art,” throws pretty lavish parties and has amassed a big ol’ list of supporters that includes Larry Gagosian and Wendi Murdoch–has hired curator John Elderfield as a senior adviser. Ms. Vogel also seems to flub the start-up’s slogan, calling it the “Google of the art world” (isn’t Google the Google of the art world?). Read More