Jamian Juliano-Villani Hits Hudson, Opening Zach Feuer and Joel Mesler’s New Gallery

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Juliano-Villani at Retrospective

Jamian Juliano-Villani’s got problems. “I don’t have a studio yet, I work in my room, I have no tooth,” said the frenetic 27-year-old painter, pointing to a gap near the front of her mouth. She lost the incisor by grinding her teeth about six months ago, but said she’s been too busy to get it fixed. “Today I actually took my first nap in almost a year,” she continued. A relief, because before that, the Jersey-born, Bed-Stuy-based artist hadn’t slept in three days. Walking down the street, she said, “every garbage bag was moving all of a sudden.” Read More


Henry Taylor Paints a Picture

Mr. Taylor. Photo by Lizzie Gorfaine. Courtesy of MoMA PS1.

The weekend before the opening of his midcareer retrospective at MoMA PS1, which opens to the public this Sunday, the painter Henry Taylor was walking through the museum’s first-floor galleries, inspecting the boxes that had just been shipped from his studio in Los Angeles. Some canvases were already leaning against the walls and others were sealed in bubble wrap. Some were still scattered around L.A. The month before, Mr. Taylor had gone to his daughter’s mother’s house there, where he had stored a number of pieces, only to discover they had been burned and destroyed (the circumstances are foggy). At PS1, he was walking through the show with Peter Eleey and Laura Hoptman, the exhibition’s two curators, rattling off stories about his work. Read More