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‘Joshua Abelow: Abelow on Delancey’ at James Fuentes

Installation view. (Courtesy James Fuentes)

After a string of solo shows abroad over the past two years, Brooklyn-based poet, painter and blogger Joshua Abelow is back for his second stand at Fuentes. As its title makes plain, it’s an off-Broadway show—a proudly scrappy, ambitious one. His work has gotten larger. Stick figures, many sporting gargantuan erections, fill his paintings and drawings. They run and dance about in wee top hats or brandish painting palettes in front of his trademark, precisely sloppy (and thus perverse) riffs on classical abstraction: slightly misaligned chevrons in many cases. Text dances alongside the men: “BLOG BLOG,” “MR. INTERNET,” “BLOG ME,” referring to his blog, Art Blog Art Blog, which he updates relentlessly (but not impartially) with photos of art by a vast array of artists. Read More

Frieze New York 2012

Frieze Art Fair Is Coming to Randall’s Island! So How the Hell Do You Get There?

The Frieze tent being constructed. (Photo by Andrew Russeth)

Up until the announcement last spring that London’s Frieze Art Fair would be coming to New York for the first time, there were maybe five main reasons for a person to be on Randall’s Island: You are a high school student on an organized sports team—probably lacrosse or track or, perhaps, soccer—and you are utilizing the island’s athletic fields for practice; you have tickets to Electric Zoo or Cirque du Soleil; you like golf, but you do not want to leave the city to play it; you are a patient at the Manhattan Psychiatric Center on the adjoining Wards Island; you are John McEnroe, it is 2010 and you are inaugurating the John McEnroe Tennis Academy at the Sportime Randall’s Island Tennis Center. Read More


Up Against the Wall: Bill Walton at JTT Gallery and James Fuentes

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Bill Walton, Complex Roads (wood / lead), n.d.

Bill Walton died in 2010, after spending most of his life in Philadelphia, where he worked as a printer, made handsome, precise, majestically self-sufficient sculpture, and showed extensively. But his extraordinary two-venue exhibition on the Lower East Side–at the just-opened JTT Gallery on Suffolk Street, and at James Fuentes on Delancey–marks his first solo show in New York. Read More