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‘Isa Genzken: Retrospective’ at the Museum of Modern Art

'Hospital “Ground Zero”' (2008) by Genzken. (Courtesy the Museum of Modern Art)

Isa Genzken’s retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, organized by a royal flush of curators (MoMA’s Sabine Breitwieser and Laura Hoptman, the MCA Chicago’s Michael Darling and the Dallas Museum of Art’s Jeffrey Grove, with Stephanie Weber) is one of the best major shows the museum has put on in a long time. Sculptors especially will find much of interest in Ms. Genzken’s approach to materials, and those curious about German postwar art have a lot to celebrate in the show, which puts on view many works never before seen in the U.S.

Like the work of a pop star skilled at self-reinvention, Ms. Genzken’s career is a bit of a hat trick. A thoughtful post-minimal sculptor in the late 1970s, she morphs momentarily into a painter only to become, in recent years, a political installation artist. With shows entitled things like “Fuck the Bauhaus, New Buildings for New York” (2000) and artworks that deal with terrorism and oil dependency, she is always topical. Read More


MoMA to Hold First U.S. Museum Survey of Sculptor Isa Genzken

Ms. Genzken. Courtesy deutscher-pavillion.org.

Isa Genzken, the sculptor and former wife of artist Gerhard Richter, will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art next year. The press release for the show, which opens Nov. 17, 2013, calls Ms. Genzken “the most important and influential female sculptor of the past 30 years.” She is shown widely in Europe, but her work is more rarely displayed in the U.S. This is her first stateside museum survey. Read More