Independent Curators International Announced Nominees for 2012 Independent Vision Curatorial Award

Rejected Collect, Exhibition view, Shanghai, 2008. Curated by Biljiana Ciric. (Courtesy Ke Center for Contemporary Art)

Independent Curators International has announced the nominees for its 2012 Independent Vision Curatorial Award, a prize given biennially that rewards emerging and mid-career curators who have shown, in a recently curated project or exhibition, according to a released statement, “exceptional creativity and prescience in their exhibition-making, research and related writing.” Read More


Dasha Zhukova Nabs Leo Award

Zhukova. (Patrick McMullan)

Dasha Zhukova has been awarded the 2012 Leo Award by the Independent Curators International. Named after the pioneering art dealer Leo Castelli, the award honors the achievements of similarly ground-breaking figures in the field of contemporary art. Ms. Zhukova’s being recognized for her “pioneering and forward-thinking” approach to conceiving of and building new institutions and creating international opportunities for artists and curators. Read More

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Hans Ulrich Obrist and ICI Announce Last Call for ‘Do It’ Documentation

Collection of 'do it' publications. (Courtesy Independent Curators International)

In 1993, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and artists Christian Boltanski and Bertrand Lavier met up at Cafe Select in Paris and came up with an idea for an exhibition that would be called “Do It.” They would invite artists like Marina Abramovic, John Baldessari and Dara Birnbaum to contribute a set of instructions that could then be interpreted by other artists the way a musical score written by one composer is performed by other musicians. All three artists were interested in instruction, interpretation and translation as artistic principles. “‘Do It’ is less concerned with copies, images, or reproductions of artworks,” said Mr. Obrist in a 1996 introduction on e-flux, “than with human interpretation.” Almost 20 years later, 300 artists have contributed “officially” and there have been numerous “unofficial” productions worldwide, which inspired Mr. Obrist and Independent Curators International (ICI) to start compiling documentation on the evolution of the exhibition. Read More