Morning Links: Richard Prince Seinfeld Art Edition

Jerry's Girl, 2013, by Richard Prince. (Courtesy Two Palms Press)

Last year, Richard Price made Jerry’s Girl, a print that’s purportedly a composite of all of Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriends on the show that bears his name. Yada yada yada, it’s now hanging in Southampton, basically a stone’s throw from the comedian’s summer house. [Page Six]

Gilbert & George talk death, religion, and Keira Knightley. Read More


Morning Links: Gold in Miami Edition

Alicja Kwade's KOHLE (1T Rekord) at the "Gold" exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art.

Holland Cotter looks at a compendium of the artist Ray Johnson’s letters, entitled “Not Nothing.” [NYT]

Some modest galleries are making a killing selling less-than-stellar art to less-than-serious buyers. [NYT]

“Gold,” a new exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art in Miami Beach, displays gold-inflected works from a dozen different artists. [WSJ] Read More


Morning Links: Museum Submarine Edition

James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge, now at the AMNH.

Marian Goodman discusses her life, at length, with her expansive new gallery on the cusp of opening in London. [WSJ]

Holland Cotter on memory: “As a critic, I’m partly a research analyst, comparing and evaluating new data. But I’m also a curator of my memory, which carries traces of art encounters from over the Read More

Week in Art Criticism

The Week in Art Criticism


As we move into the second half of October, much of the art crowd is off in London for Frieze. Next week, a good portion of it will move to Paris for FIAC, returning to New York as temperatures begin to drop and dealers ready their second shows of the season. Nevertheless, critics have been busy on these shores. In The New York Observer this week, Will Heinrich reviewed Algus Greenson’s just-closed “Invitation to the Voyage” and declared that it “could easily pass for a small museum show.” Below we offer a quick look at what critics are saying elsewhere. Read More


Bob Dylan’s Possible Responses to Holland Cotter’s Review of ‘The Asia Series’

"Don't look at me."

Holland Cotter, from The New York Times, October 13: “Artists copying without acknowledgment is, of course, an old story. The problem with ‘The Asia Series,’ though, is that not even whispers of potential ethical impropriety can make these paintings interesting to look at, which — unless there’s some Duchampian gesture afoot here — is what Mr. Dylan presumably means them to be. The color is muddy, the brushwork scratchily dutiful, the images static and postcard-ish. The work is dead on the wall.” Read More