Matisse’s ‘The Dance’ Is on View at the Barnes Foundation’s New Home

One panel of Matisse's three-panel 'The Dance' from the Barnes Foundation. (Courtesy WikiPaintings)

The Dance, Henri Matisse’s 34-foot-wide triptych, has been installed at the Barnes Foundation’s Philadelphia campus, which opens May 19, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. Two decades ago, the triptych was the subject of much legal skirmishing when it was taken down from its original home at the Barnes Foundation in Merion, Penn.—the place for which it had been created on commission by Albert Barnes, who established the foundation in the 1920s. The mural on canvas traveled from Paris to Washington, D.C., and back to Pennsylvania to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for exhibitions and returned to Marion in 1995. Last year the triptych came down permanently. In light of the Barnes Foundation’s embattled past, the re-emergence of the mural is something of a triumph. Read More