Watch the Trailer for Guy Maddin's Bonkers Gangster Film Based on 'The Odyssey'

Courtesy Indiewire.

The Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin has made a gangster film called Keyhole that appears to be loosely based on The Odyssey.

We’ve just had a look at the full trailer (thanks to Animal for calling our attention to it). It includes an unusually haggard Jason Patric—who plays Ulysses—performing obscure tasks like reaching out to flush a toilet and reluctantly stopping. A classic-sounding film noir soundtrack plays in the background. There’s also a disembodied voice that declares (appropriately, considering this is a film by Mr. Maddin), “Never trust your eyes, Ulysses.” Our favorite part is when Isabella Rossellini looks directly into the camera and says, “You’ve always been a terrible man.” Read More