At Benefit for Anthony Haden-Guest, Freaks, Blondies and Lots of Cocaine Jokes

Mr. Haden-Guest. Courtesy New York Social Diary.

The line around the corner to get into Hiro Ballroom last night for Public Storage Blues, a benefit for the writer Anthony Haden-Guest, was not because the club was filled to capacity—it’s just that they weren’t letting anyone in. The invitation said doors at 7:30, and it was 8:00 p.m.; Mr. Haden-Guest hadn’t arrived yet with the list. Mr. Haden-Guest, the one-time New York magazine art critic, decades-long mainstay on the party circuit, occasional Observer contributor and the definitive chronicler of the disco era was late to his own party. A group of people who looked like they should have been used to standing in the cold outside from all those years at Studio 54, waited in line while talking about the indignation of waiting in line. Finally, offering a coy “sorry,” Mr. Haden-Guest arrived, list in hand, looking like he had been out at a different party and lost track of time. Read More