Art Startups

Will Alexandra Chemla’s iPad App Change the Art Dealing Business?

Alexandra Chemla (Photo by Aaron Adler for The New York Observer)

Last June, at a dinner following a talk between Matthew Barney and Tina Brown at Kunstmuseum Basel, during that city’s annual art fair, Alexandra Chemla found herself seated with several fellow graduates of her alma mater Brown University.

“My rugby team at Harvard used to go down to the Brown campus to meet girls,” said Marc Glimcher, the president of Pace Gallery, one of the few members of the table who did not matriculate at Providence (the Observer was another). “I could sell my whole booth and it wouldn’t be as good as winning a rugby game.”

As small talk ensued, conversation centered on ArtBinder, Ms. Chemla’s startup that she founded as a 24-year-old gallery assistant at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, after years of slaving over massive physical binders full of printouts of art. Read More

Venice Biennale 2013

France and Germany Will Trade Pavilions for 2013 Venice Biennale

(Courtesy Happyfamousartists/Flickr)

Though the leaders of France and Germany, François Hollande and Angela Merkel, are something less than great friends, the nation’s top curators seem to be getting along just swimmingly. The Institut Français, which oversees France’s Venice Biennale pavilion, announced that it will trade spaces with Germany at the 2013 biennale. Art Review first reported the news. Read More