Jonathan Safran Foer Co-Curates Retrospective Exhibition of Fictional Painter

Natalie Frank, 'Portrait of S' (Courtesy the artist and Fredericks & Freiser)

Author Jonathan Safran Foer is teaming up with Samuel Messer, a painter and associate dean of Yale School of Art, on a retrospective exhibition at Fredericks & Freiser gallery in Chelsea. The only thing is, the retrospective, which opens June 21, is for a fictional character named “S—.”

“Retrospective of S” is really a summer group show—with a twist. The paintings in this female artist’s show are actually done by 10 different artists selected by Mr. Messer: Natalie Frank, Rochelle Feinstein, Francesca Lo Russo, Josephine Messer, Judith Linhares, Njideka Akunyili, Caitlin Cherry, Chie Fueki, Jackie Gendel and Jennifer Packer. Read More


Natalie Frank to Fredericks & Freiser

"Portrait I." (2011) (Fredericks & Freiser)

The figurative painter Natalie Frank will join Fredericks & Freiser gallery, with a first show planned for the fall of next year.

“I’m excited to be working with a gallery that I respect tremendously, both personally and professionally, and that represents so many compelling artists,” Ms. Frank wrote in an email. Read More