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Watch Mario Batali Amble Around the Frick With Director Ian Wardropper

The Lunchbox Fund Fall Fete and "Feedie" App Launch

If your Thursday morning is getting off to a slow and lazy start, you could do worse things than watch renowned hedonist Mario Batali swing by the Frick with venture capitalist Fred Wilson (not to be confused with the other Fred Wilson). It’s for Mr. Batali’s program The High Road, something that we had no idea existed. It’s kind of like No Reservations for those with tiny attention spans. It’s 10 minutes long.

“This is one of the most important Rembrandts in the world,” Mr. Wardropper says, referring to Self-Portrait (1658), as a ponytailed Mr. Batali looks on, pensive. “It’s rather sardonic—it was painted shortly after he became bankrupt.” Read More


Shot From the Hip: SculptureCenter Fêtes Fred Wilson, Susanne Ghez at Annual Benefit


A topless Russian and an elaborate humanoid ice luge were among the sights that greeted guests at SculptureCenter’s annual benefit gala last night. More than a few attendees looked startled by the spectacle—the half-naked young man was dispensing lemon vodka from twin spigots that stuck out the sculpture, by artist Anicka Yi—but it could have been a lot more shocking. “I originally proposed he be completely nude,” Ms. Yi said as she watched the slender model banter. “That was shot down very quickly.” Read More