The Kid Stays in the Picture: Interviewing Ryan McNamara, and Becoming an Artwork

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"The Haunting" (with Raphael Castoriano, Charles Kessler, Ju Hae Park, Helene Safdie, Joey Syta), 2012.

It is all but unheard of for an artist to become a fixture in the New York art world without having had any solo gallery exhibitions, the normal route to becoming well known. The artist Ryan McNamara, however, has managed to do this. Much of his production so far has consisted of short-lived performances that happened and were gone so swiftly that his reputation rests mostly on documentation produced after the fact. These performances have taken place in disparate locations ranging from gay bars to the Louis Vuitton store, to the woods outside the Watermill Center on Long Island. For one piece, Make Ryan a Dancer, part of MoMA PS1’s “Greater New York” survey in 2010, he spent six months taking dance lessons in the museum, a conflation of durational performance (he actually was learning how to dance) and practicality (he actually wanted to learn how to dance). His first solo exhibition in a gallery, currently at Elizabeth Dee, is both a reference to and an extension of his career to date. Read More


Alex Bag Moves to Team Gallery

Video still of "Untitled (Project for the Whitney Museum)" (2009) by Alex Bag. (Courtesy the artist)

New York video artist Alex Bag is now represented by SoHo’s Team Gallery. José Friere, the founder and director of the gallery, confirmed the move to Gallerist today and said that the gallery will host its first solo exhibition with Ms. Bag in March of next year, at its Grand Street location. (The gallery opened a second space on Wooster Street earlier this year, and Mr. Friere has said he plans to add artists to Team’s roster.) Read More