6 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before August 18

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Opening: “Jordan Casteel: Visible Man” at Sargent’s Daughters
The young artist’s first solo exhibition will feature nudes of black men.
Sargent’s Daughters, 179 East Broadway, New York, 6 p.m.

Screening: Apocalypse Now Redux at MoMA
Spend the bulk of your afternoon with the director’s cut of the grandest of all Read More


In First Move of Inevitable Worldwide Expansion, Arty Workspace NeueHouse to Open in Los Angeles

The future site of the Los Angeles NeueHouse (Courtesy os Angeles Public Library Photo Collection).

Neuehouse, the members-only workspace and host to many a screening, press conference and panel discussion, will expand to Los Angeles early next year, the company announced today. In what’s the first expansion since the flagship opened in its sumptuous Flatiron headquarters—a hip mahogany-lined club room that’s serves as low-key office space for a “curated” group of high-paying habitués—NeueHouse will Read More

Hurricane Sandy

Wet Paint: Sandy’s Devastation at Galleries Was Matched by Her Destruction of Studios

The pier at the end of Van Brunt Street in Red Hook. (Photo: Rozalia Jovanovic)

Last Thursday, two days after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the pier at the end of Van Brunt Street in Red Hook was covered in bright red dust that blew gently in the cold wind. The dust, a paint pigment, was all that remained of some paintings by Mexican artist Bosco Sodi, who, like many of the artists in the studios on the pier, had lost both artworks and materials to the storm. Read More

Hurricane Sandy

Dustin Yellin Clears Red Hook Studio After Sandy, Contemplates Future

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The Intercourse

“Everything,” artist Dustin Yellin said yesterday afternoon, standing outside what’s left of his 15,000-square-foot Red Hook studio. “I lost everything.”

Wearing an an aqua blue beanie, a khaki jacket and tortoiseshell glasses, Mr. Yellin was holding his cell phone as he stood near the studio, formerly known as Kidd Yellin and located on Imlay Street, just blocks away from the water. On the sidewalk outside the studio, which he renovated just three years ago with the artist Charlotte Kidd, was a mountain of gnarled pieces of wood, Styrofoam and black garbage bags—just one of many such piles dotting sidewalks all over the neighborhood.

“It started coming in by 5, 6 o’clock,” he said, recalling the scene as the storm approached on Monday evening. “By 8, it was crazy. By 9:30, it was out of control. By midnight, it was slowly moving out. I saw everything flood away. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Read More

pop-up shops

From ‘Spit and Polish’ to ‘Siren Song,’ Artists Served Up Services at Swoon’s Charity Beauty Shop

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Pearly's Beauty Shop

Saturday night, artist Callie Curry (a k a Swoon), hosted a pop-up beauty parlor in Long Island City. Patrons were offered up anything from a $10 “Primp” to a $500 “Total Transfiguration” by an artist of their choice—Mickalene Thomas, Duke Riley, Dustin Yellin and Natalie Frank were a few on hand helping to raise money for Ms. Curry’s community art center in North Braddock, Penn. We’re told they succeeded in bringing in nearly $55,000 (both from the event and from the sale of a work by Ms. Curry). Read More

pop-up shops

Dustin Yellin Will Do Your Hair at Swoon’s Pop-Up Beauty Parlor

The site of Callie Curry's future art center in North Braddock, Pennsylvania. (Courtesy Swoon Studio)

You may have seen Dustin Yellin’s show at Half Gallery in April, but come September, the artist will put aside his resin specimens and will do your hair, for the right price. Mr. Yellin is one of the many artists including Mickalene Thomas, Natalie Frank, Duke Riley, K8 Hardy and Dzine who will be offering up their services for a few hours at Pearly’s Beauty Shop on the night of September 8. Read More


A Conversation With Dustin Yellin About Dogs

Best In Show Announced At Crufts

Last night the artist Dustin Yellin opened his four-piece “investigations of a dog” show at Half Gallery, black and white studies for a series that’s much larger, in size and scope, that he’s recently undertaken at his studio in Red Hook. Mr. Yellin greeted gallery-goers on the sidewalk outside the Lower East Side space, including this reporter, with whom he shared a brief, strained conversation not about dogs, in addition to a more involved one that was about dogs. Read More