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Margaret Sundell Joins the Drawing Center 

(Courtesy The Drawing Center)

The Drawing Center has announced that Margaret Sundell will now serve as executive editor of the Drawing Papers, the museum’s long-running series of catalogues. The position involves “recruiting writers, commissioning essays, editing the Drawing Papers, and maintaining the highest standards for all published institutional texts.” The post was previously held by Jonathan T.D. Neil, currently the director of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Los Angeles.  Read More

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Ken Price at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Drawing Center

'L. Red,' 1963. (© Ken Price, photo © Fredrik Nilsen/Met)

“Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.” Oscar Wilde’s words come to mind in the presence of sculptures by the late West Coast ceramicist Ken Price, who died in February 2012, while this major retrospective was being planned. Price made modestly scaled sculptures that, for all their meticulous construction, have a pleasurably ludic sensibility. Over the course of a 50-year career, he wove into his clever pieces references to landscape, architecture and the human body; his art is at once familiar and strange. Read More

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Guillermo Kuitca: ‘Diarios’ at the Drawing Center

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Guillermo Kuitca, Diario (25 May – 20 October 2005), 2005

Plenty of artists have sought to present art-making—painting and drawing in particular—as a “daily practice,” an activity that is meditative and sustaining as well as exploratory and expressive. The idea reflects well on its proponents, who appear a little less focused on fame and fortune as a result, and closer to joggers or monks in their relentless quest for self-improvement or self-realization. The problem is that the results of all this self-discipline are not inherently interesting to look at. When quality control ceases to be an issue, the rough inevitably cohabits with, and sometimes pushes out, the smooth. Guillermo Kuitca’s intermittently enjoyable but ultimately forgettable “Diarios” at the Drawing Center is a classic example of this all-too-familiar outcome. Read More