The New Museum’s Next Generation Party May Have Been a Few Generations Beyond That Even

2 Pretty performs at the party. (Courtesy PatrickMcMullan)

On Friday night downtowners crowded the New Museum for a very special edition of its Next Generation party hosted in part by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin, co-curators of the 2015 New Museum Triennial. At the ground level, attendees mingled with DIS Magazine media companions (those full-body-spandexed creatures who wear advertisements and like to pose for pictures), but for the most part the party took place on the museum’s top floor, where DJ sets were interspersed with performances by artists like Lauren Devine, a YouTube sensation, who, as it was painfully explained to an older attendee, doesn’t actually have that many hits for her videos. She doesn’t need them! Parody would be the wrong word, but she’s described her music as “Fro-Yo Pop,” like the music they play at Pinkberry. Read More