Barneys Fêtes Deste Windows With Performance Art, Gyros

Mr. Bock distributes his art. (Courtesy Barneys)

“Juergen, I’m not kidding,” Barneys Creative Director Dennis Freedman was telling the photographer Juergen Teller Tuesday night, as they stood before a massive photograph of Yves Saint Laurent on Madison Avenue. Mr. Teller, who shot the photo, had just stepped onto the black carpet leading into the store, wore a pair of running shorts to Mr. Freedman’s tie-less suit, and seemed open to compliments.

“These are some of the best windows we’ve ever done,” Mr. Freedman said. “The best!” Read More


Through a Glass, Modishly: Barneys Meets Deste Foundation

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Juergen Teller, 2012. Photo Tom Sibley (Courtesy DESTE Foundation.

Walk up to one of Barneys’ Madison Avenue windows right now, and, as if sensing your presence, a woman’s voice will suddenly begin singing the melodic refrain from America’s “A Horse with No Name.” “La la la,” she sang, when we visited. People on the sidewalk stopped and stared. Behind the glass is a black Perspex grid through which a film is visible that shows a row of girls lined up in a large windowed room who walk one-by-one up to a seated woman, bend down to her and confess. “I wanted to put broken glass in Isola’s shoes,” says one. The seated woman gags the girl and blindfolds her. Read More