David Lynch Is Willing to Read Your Screenplay [Updated]

David Lynch & Dom Perignon Celebrate the Global Launch of "Dom Perignon by David Lynch"

Filmmaker and artist David Lynch is offering up a screenwriter’s dream. The creator of Blue Velvet (1986) and the Twin Peaks television series will read your screenplay and then review it with you in a private 45-minute meeting. For a price. At the moment, it’s hovering at $8,000 on CharityBuzz—a site that auctions off various items and experiences for good causes. Among the other lots: “an Exciting Day with President William J. Clinton in NYC” (currently at $21,000), a day on the road with Lady Gaga (currently at $18,500) or dinner for six with Sarah Jessica Parker (currently at $30,000). Maybe the price for the Lynch opportunity isn’t so bad. The money goes to the David Lynch Foundation. Read More