Morning Links: The Evil Yellow Slugs Edition

A detail from The Big Hawthorn, 2008, by David Hockney. Photograph: Richard Schmidt

Ian Jack wonders if it is a problem that David Hockney’s blossoms look like “evil yellow slugs.” [Guardian UK]

Georgina Adam on the ongoing controversy involving a Rauschenberg, a stuffed eagle and the IRS. [Financial Times]

David Shrigley has a new billboard coming to the High Line, at 10th Avenue and 18th Street, April 5—his deadpan brand of twee existential insecurity writ large, super large. [Paper Magazine] Read More


An Open Letter to David Hockney About His Open Letters to The Guardian

Courtesy Studio360.

Dear David Hockney,

Your two letters to The Guardian, “The trouble with tobacco haters” and “The pleasures of tobacco,” and pretty much everything you say therein, has me convinced that you are kind of the coolest. You are, indeed, someone who is immune to the manipulations of advertising. You are looking out for number one, and you don’t care who knows it. Your acute awareness that “we have to die” someday makes me want to live for today, to hell with caution! (Ah, if only cigarettes didn’t cost $14 in Manhattan!) Read More