Morning Links: Richard Prince Seinfeld Art Edition

Jerry's Girl, 2013, by Richard Prince. (Courtesy Two Palms Press)

Last year, Richard Price made Jerry’s Girl, a print that’s purportedly a composite of all of Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriends on the show that bears his name. Yada yada yada, it’s now hanging in Southampton, basically a stone’s throw from the comedian’s summer house. [Page Six]

Gilbert & George talk death, religion, and Keira Knightley. Read More


David Hammons Plans Yonkers Gallery, Gets Mayoral Shout-Out

39 Lawrence Street in Yonkers. (Courtesy Google Maps)

Keep your eye on Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, folks. The first-term Democrat managed quite a coup last week, apparently getting the famously reclusive David Hammons to attend his State of the City address.

It seems that Mr. Hammons is planning to build an art gallery in Yonkers, just a bit north of Van Cortlandt Park in an old warehouse at 39 Lawrence Street. It looks like it’s a breezy 45-minute walk from the end of the 1 line, according to a little bit of Google Maps research. Read More

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A David Hammons Kool-Aid Drawing at James Cohan Gallery

David Hammons, "KOOLAID DRAWING," 2004. Kool-Aid and pencil on paper, 43 x 29 in. (© The artist, courtesy James Cohan Gallery)

Earlier this year, the Museum of Modern Art presented a David Hammons drawing that could be viewed only by appointment for a few moments each week. The rest of the time, a white silk cloth covered the work as it hung inside the museum’s “Printin'” exhibition. Those who scheduled a viewing got to see an effervescent pink piece made with subtle washes of Kool-Aid. It was an absolute stunner. Read More


The Man Behind the Curtain: At MoMA, a David Hammons Hidden Behind Silk

After the unveiling: David Hammons's 'Untitled (Kool-Aid)' (2003) in "Printin'" at MoMA.

Though it is hanging on a wall in a gallery at the Museum of Modern Art right now, one work is strictly off limits for all but a few minutes each week. It’s obscured with a white silk cloth, through which a faint pink glow emanates, and it has an electric-blue terry cloth frame. A wall label advises that the work may be viewed only by appointment, at the request of the artist. An email address is listed. Read More