Morning Links: Digitizing Warhol Edition

Andy Warhol's films. (Courtesy the Museum of Modern Art)

Cory Arcangel pens a long essay on the rare and mostly unheralded Andy Warhol computer graphics, ones he produced using primitive models in the 1980s. [Artforum]

The art world gets Rocky Mountain high at the Aspen Art Museum’s ArtCrush benefit auction: “Governor John W. Hickenlooper felt the buzz when he later exclaimed, ‘I’m going Read More

Art Tech

World Edges Closer to Being Able to Buy Art With Bitcoins, Thanks to Paddle8 and the Winklevii

Paddle8, the auction startup backed by Damien Hirst, Jay Jopling and Matthew Mellon, is already a pioneering art world tech company. They made it possible for collectors to buy art from the comfort of an iPad screen.

Now, according to an article in Fast Company, it’s clearing even more antiquated road blocks—constantly fluctuating exchange rates, endless Read More

Kenny Schachter

Won’t See You Tuesday…

Imagine: artworks by stars Alex Israel, Wade Guyton and Richard Prince, laid to rest. (Rendering by Kenny Schachter).

Kenny Schachter is a London-based art dealer, curator and writer. His writing has appeared in books on architect Zaha Hadid and artists Vito Acconci and Paul Thek, and he is a contributor to the British edition of GQ. The opinions expressed here are his own.

The current resale market for contemporary art has the attention span of a teenager. To switch metaphors, it’s a nuclear hot potato. How many of today’s 25 hottest will be tomorrow’s stone coldest? It’s always in the back of my mind that the pretty young painting things of today can suddenly become progeroid, stricken by a premature aging ailment in their early market lifespans. Read More


Damien Hirst ‘Spin Paints’ AK-47 for London Art Show

Spin AK47 for Peace Day (2012), verso. Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved, DACS 2012. (Courtesy the artist's website)

For a new London art project, rifles have been decomissioned and customized—getting covered with flowers or pulverized into a fine dust. Bran Symondson, a photographer and former army reservist, came up with the idea for the project, “AKA Peace,” which opened yesterday at London’s Institute for Contemporary Arts, when he noted how policemen in Afghanistan would jazz up their guns with flowers and stickers, kind of like a teenager. With a little help from curator Jake Chapman, he got Damien Hirst to “spin-paint” one of them. Read More


11 Opinions About Damien Hirst

Hirst at his Tate Modern retrospective this year. (Courtesy Getty Images)

In today’s Guardian, critic Jonathan Jones called Damien Hirst “a national disgrace, a living example that talent is nothing and money is king.” That brutal putdown is only the latest in a long line of attacks from art critics, particularly in the British press, that Mr. Hirst has endured over his long career. In honor of this latest sally, let’s take a look back at some of the provocative opinions—positive and negative—that have been offered about the artist over the years. Read More