Franz West on His Adaptives and Cy Twombly

A museum visitor models an Adaptive by West at the Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt, Germany. (Thomas Lohnes/AFP/Getty Images)

The more you read interviews with the late Franz West, the more there is to love about him. Today we have this excerpt from an interview conducted by MoMA photographer curator Roxana Marcoci on the occasion of the museum’s “Comic Abstraction” exhibition in 2007. Ms. Marcoci asks about the theatrical element of his Adaptives, plaster sculptures that people could pick up and manipulate, and that sets him off on a pretty interesting tangent. Read More


Menil Collection Puts Its Interview Archives Online


The Artists Documentation Program, a branch of the Menil Collection, has opened the doors on its impressive collection of artist interviews and placed the whole archive online. Previously only available to curators and art historians, the online project was funded in association with the Whitney and the Harvard Art Museums’ Center for the Technical Study of Modern Art. Read More