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At Socrates, ‘Civic Action’ Imagines Long Island City’s Future, Complete With a Tiravanija Meal

Rirkrit Tiravanija. "Untitled," 2012 (Courtesy Rozalia Jovanovic)

“I couldn’t care less about herb gardens,” said Natalie Jeremijenko in a shaded area of the Socrates Sculpture Park on Sunday at the opening of “Civic Action: A Vision for Long Island City.” The artist and engineer was in jeans and a black cowboy hat with a large rhinestone at the front, her blonde hair loose around her shoulders. She had just finished giving a workshop on planting AgBags–Tyvek bags that can be hung from windows and fire escapes to create “urban agriculture systems” that promote environmental health and urban farming. “Flash-infusing black pansies into vodka,” said Ms. Jeremijenko about some methods she’ll be teaching during her workshops at the park this summer. “People don’t know how to eat or use black pansies.” Read More