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Charles Long on ‘Pet Sounds’

Charles Long. 'Pet Sounds' (Courtesy Madison Square Park Conservancy)

Charles Long does not use public sculpture as an opportunity for critiquing mass consumerism. For Mr. Long—whose  installation in Madison Square Park, “Pet Sounds,” features blobs of colorful sculptures oozing out onto park benches and picnic tables that look like Play-Doh creations writ large—it’s the opposite. “What led me to the idea for “Pet Sounds,” he says in his piece “500 Words” for Artforum, “was in fact my connection to pop culture.” Read More

public art

Long Nights: Charles Long at Madison Square Park

Charles Long's "Pet Sounds" (2012) in Madison Square Park. (Courtesy James Ewing/Madison Square Park)

Most art openings tend to run well past eight, spilling their occupants onto the sidewalk once the beer runs out. Arriving as late as 8:30, you can usually slip in just under the wire, take a lap through the show and say your “It’s nice to see you”s. By contrast, there is a very good reason why opening receptions at Madison Square Park end on time, and that is: daylight. Read More