Carsten Höller Is Not Crazy About the Press, Museum Security Guards

Mr. Holler. Courtesy Financial Times.

The Financial Times just posted its profile of Carsten Höller, timed to coincide with the opening of the artist’s installation, Double Carousel with Zöllner Stripes, at Rome’s Macro art museum. The article is called “Just Höller” and there are some great moments in it.

First of all, he spends the first portion of the interview wandering around the gallery where his piece is installed. A publicist, who refuses to go and fetch him, tells the writer Mr. Höller is “not hugely media-friendly.” No kidding. Read More


Are You Experienced? Carsten Höller’s ‘Experience’ at the New Museum

"Untitled (Slide)," 2011 by Carsten Holler. (Photo by Benoit Pailley / New Museum)

It’s 11 in the morning and visitors to Carsten Höller’s new exhibition, “Experience,” are emerging one by one down the shoot of a 102-foot-long slide. The structure itself, which bores through two concrete floors of the museum, looks like nothing so much as the pneumatic mailing ducts from the movie Brazil, long snakes of stainless-steel segments. The sliders’ feet are wrapped in canvas blankets, their arms are crossed over their chests. They board on the fourth floor; you can see them shoot by on the third floor through the slide’s transparent upper shell. The expressions on their faces are ecstatic. They land with whoops and thuds on a mattress on the second floor. Read More