summertime blues

Canada Gallery Writes Possibly the Best Press Release Ever

(Courtesy Canada gallery)

Summer group shows pretty much seem to exist because everyone is checked out, which is fair because it’s summer and everything should be easier and, essentially, phoned-in (see this blog post–ed.). We owe that to ourselves. Usually summer group shows are sold as thoughtful “meditations” on the “interconnectivity” of “this diverse group of artists.” Such descriptions must be read only when a person is in high spirits or else it is possible that damage will be done to this person’s eyes from the heaviness of the eye roll that is induced by said salesmanship. Read More

Art Fairs

Preview the Dallas Art Fair

20 Photos

Phil Wagner, Untitled (with ladder), 2012

Since its inception in 2009, the Dallas Art Fair, which opens today and runs through April 15, has more than doubled its size. The fair began with with 30 exhibitors and is now showing 75 national and international art dealers including some from New York, like Lisa Cooley, Untitled, Canada, Salomon Contemporary, Feature Inc. Read More