Cindy Sherman on James Franco’s New Show: ‘I Don’t Know That I Can Say It’s Art’

James Franco, 'New Film Still #58,' 2013. (Courtesy Pace Gallery)

On Saturday morning, at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation on Lafayette Street, renowned art writer Calvin Tomkins celebrated the re-release of his book The Bride and the Bachelors, which is back in print, this time by Gagosian Gallery. Mr. Tomkins’s art world peers Marian Goodman, Thelma Golden, Cecilia Alemani, Will Cotton, Adam McEwen, Dustin Yellin and many others sang the author’s praises. Read More


Ed Ruscha Is in The New Yorker

Danna and Ed Ruscha. (Courtesy PMC)

In this week’s New Yorker, Calvin Tomkins profiles Ed Ruscha, who has a show at the Getty Center in Los Angeles right now. They drive around L.A., hang out at Mr. Ruscha’s studio and have dinner at the home of Steve Martin and his wife Anne Stringfield. Lots of good stories and quotes in this one, including Mr. Martin joking about wanting to watch Mr. Ruscha shower. (It has to do with the art in his bathroom.) Read More


Calvin Tomkins on Tate Director Nicholas Serota, Peter Doig on the ‘Guston Rash’

Nicolas Serota. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

In this week’s issue of The New Yorker, Calvin Tomkins gives Nicholas Serota, the Tate Gallery’s director for the past 24 years, the profile treatment, on the occasion of Tate Modern’s plans to open a new exhibition space next month. Early on, Mr. Tomkins delivers a grand quotation from Larry Gagosian that pretty much sums up the arc of his subject’s career: “Nick ­really­ caught ­the ­wave….He ­saw­ the ­possibilities, ­the ­wealth ­coming ­in, ­and ­he ­kind ­of­ harnessed­ that.” (Which sounds a bit like Mr. Gagosian himself.) Read More


Things We Learned from the New Yorker’s Carl Andre Profile

Mr. Andre in 1978. Courtesy NY Times.

Calvin Tomkins’ long-awaited profile of sculptor Carl Andre was published in this week’s New Yorker. It is really something. First there’s the jarring opening picture of the rarely-photographed Mr. Andre and his wife, the artist Melissa Kretschmer, (the last photograph we had seen of the artist was from the late ’70s, when he had a Karl Marx beard and was rail-thin). Standing in what looks like a very modest apartment, he is completely bald, wearing the overalls he’s sported for several decades now, and an over-sized cardigan on top of that. We weren’t expecting him to be clean shaven. Here are some other details that took us by surprise. Read More