Curators Take Center Stage as Saatchi Online’s ‘100 Curators 100 Days’ Launches

Clockwise from top left: Ana Finel Honigman, Didier Damiani, Cecilia Alemani and Franklin Sirmans. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Curator Britt Salvesen, of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, is the first of 100 curators who will step up to the plate over the next 100 days—one curator per day—for Saatchi Online’s exhibition, “100 Curators 100 Days.” Billed as an effort to promote up-and-coming artists by the six-year-old online exhibition space, the show presents a selection of works, 10 per day, selected by each curator from the 60,000 artists exhibited on Saatchi Online. But what’s different about this online exhibition is that it serves just as well as a kind of college “pig book” of curators around the globe who you should get to know a little better. Do you like independent curator Ana Finel Honigman? Then you may also like the work she has selected. Well, that seems to be the premise anyway. And we’d be surprised if it doesn’t get people clicking. Read More