At Action-Packed Lunch, Linda Nochlin Accepts Appraisers Association of America Award

AAA president Nancy Harrison and Linda Nochlin. (Courtesy AAA)

Art historian Tamar Garb apologized before clicking to the next slide during her presentation on Wednesday afternoon in the grand banquet hall at the New York Athletic Club on Central Park South. “You’ll forgive me for the somewhat outrageous image,” she said quickly, “but I thought it was quite important not to sanitize the reputation of Linda Nochlin in a situation like this.”

Up popped a photo of Ms. Nochlin, the eminent and trailblazing feminist art historian, at the Centre Pompidou “surrounded or flanked, as you can see, by two scandalous Robert Mapplethorpe images”—that unforgettable one of Louise Bourgeois, with a devilish grin, cradling a huge phallic sculpture and another of a man in a suit, from the chest down with his penis hanging out of his pants. Read More