Where Do We Go From Here?: Critics Lament the State of Art, but Things Are Looking Up in New Books


Even as more art is being made, seen, bought and sold than at any point in human history, there is a feeling in many quarters of listlessness. Reviewing the Venice Biennale in Newsweek two weeks ago, Blake Gopnik rehearsed the already-tired idea that it showed that art is at an end, “nothing more than a series of moves in a series of games.” We’re stuck or adrift and, as New Museum curator Lauren Cornell put it last fall, “deeply obsessed with the past.”

But there are signs of life. Artists are finding interesting ways forward, and in a number of recent books, philosophers and critics are too. The results are all over the map, but there is a feeling that new ideas are beginning to simmer. Read More


Artinfo’s Ben Davis Turns in His Book, Expected Out 2013

Mr. Davis. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

Last month, Artinfo Executive Editor and longtime art critic Ben Davis turned in a draft of his book, tentatively titled 9.5 Theses on Art and Class, a collection of 19 essays that have mostly appeared elsewhere but will be updated with new material, and some entirely new bits to fill in the gaps. The book is now with his publisher, Haymarket Books, and he expects it out in 2013. Read More