Whitney Biennial 2012

As OWS Group Calls for End to Whitney Biennial, Fake Exhibition Website Appears

The biennial arrives on March 1. (Courtesy Whitney)

With the opening of the 2012 Whitney Biennial just days away, the exhibition–which just about no one has yet seen–has become a target for protest and parody. Occupy Wall Street’s Arts & Labor group has called for the end of the show in 2014, which it argues:

“…perpetuates the myth that art functions like other professional careers and that selection and participation in the exhibition, for which artists themselves are not compensated, will secure a sustainable vocation. This fallacy encourages many young artists to incur debt from which they will never be free and supports a culture industry and financial and cultural institutions that profit from their labors and financial servitude.” Read More


Occupy Wall Street’s Arts & Labor Group Meets on the High Line

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Members of the New York City Police Department watched on.

It was drizzling in Chelsea at 12:30 p.m. today, the time that the Arts & Labor working group within Occupy Wall Street, which recently issued a pamphlet outlining the state of labor in the art world, had planned to meet on the High Line for an organizational lunch and discussion. [The complete text of that pamphlet is available here.]

When we arrived at the planned meeting place, between 22nd and 23rd Street, Gallerist found only two people there, holding umbrelllas, but they quickly directed us south, to the covered section of the park that crosses 16th Street. Read More