videos’s Hairy Gene

Cleveland. (Courtesy Patrick McMullan)

“Is this artwork hairy?” asks Carter Cleveland, the 25-year old founder of, in today’s episode of The Sweet Spot at The New York Times site. “Is it shiny?” In the video, in which Melena Ryzik and David Carr discuss the new genome project, Mr. Cleveland gets some screen time to shed light on what is and how it works. So, what does hair have to do with it? Read More


Dasha Zhukova Nabs Leo Award

Zhukova. (Patrick McMullan)

Dasha Zhukova has been awarded the 2012 Leo Award by the Independent Curators International. Named after the pioneering art dealer Leo Castelli, the award honors the achievements of similarly ground-breaking figures in the field of contemporary art. Ms. Zhukova’s being recognized for her “pioneering and forward-thinking” approach to conceiving of and building new institutions and creating international opportunities for artists and curators. Read More

Tech Collecting

Rupert Murdoch Pimps on Twitter

Rupert Murdoch, interested in art. Courtesy The Guardian.

In case you haven’t heard, Rupert Murdoch is on Twitter. Here, he says such cheerful and grammatically questionable statements as “Education only way to real equality. US a disgrace. Millions every year headed for underclass or worse. Half kids drop out in LA , others,” and “Re complaints about my spelling! Problem is my pathetic typing. Sorry, if anyone really cares” (touché, Mr. Murdoch). His latest zany message to his 123,428–and counting!–followers? “For those interested in art try beautiful new site” Read More

Movements Hires John Elderfield as Senior Adviser

Mr. Elderfield.

New York Times writer Carol Vogel breaks the news over in her Inside Art column that–an art world tech start-up that calls itself the “Pandora for art,” throws pretty lavish parties and has amassed a big ol’ list of supporters that includes Larry Gagosian and Wendi Murdoch–has hired curator John Elderfield as a senior adviser. Ms. Vogel also seems to flub the start-up’s slogan, calling it the “Google of the art world” (isn’t Google the Google of the art world?). Read More