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The Best Coast: Will New York Dealers Succeed in Los Angeles?

Tim Nye's new gallery in Los Angeles, Nye+Brown. (Photo: Andrew Russeth)

“Hollywood is so much sexier than the art world,” Berlin-based art dealer Javier Peres was telling The Observer. “There’s much more hype, there’s more cash flowing at it. The art world in Los Angeles has always competed with Hollywood, and it’s always been a tough struggle.”

We were speaking with Mr. Peres in the convention center in downtown L.A. that last week housed the brand new art fair Art Platform Los Angeles, a venture of Merchandise Mart, the same company that owns New York’s Armory Show. It was the opening day of the fair, and Mr. Peres was exhibiting there; visitors were pouring through the doors at a steady clip. Meanwhile, the well-funded Getty Foundation was opening “Pacific Standard Time,” a series of exhibitions on postwar California art that spans scores of museums and commercial galleries and runs for the next six months.

It looked like art might be giving Hollywood a run for its money. Or, at least, that’s what a group of New York dealers setting up shop here are hoping. Read More

GalleristNY in LA

Art Platform, LA’s New Fair, Arrives

A gigantic chair, not by Robert Therrien, sits in L.A. Mart's parking lot. (Photo: Andrew Russeth)

“No one likes to go downtown,” a Los Angeles dealer told us plainly earlier this week. “No one.”

The gallerist, who asked for anonymity to avoid causing offense, was discussing fair company Merchandise Mart’s decision to house its new art fair, Art Platform, on the second floor of L.A. Mart. It’s a nondescript white building, not far from the L.A. Convention Center and the Staples Center, the home of the Los Angeles Lakers. Read More