Venice Biennale 2013

Latvia Selects Kaspars Podnieks and Krišs Salmanis for Venice Biennale Pavilion

Three curators, two artists, two institutions, one Biennale pavilion. (Courtesy e-flux)

With the opening of the 2013 Venice Biennale just a few months away, countries are finalizing their plans for their national pavilions. The latest to state its intentions is Latvia, which announced that Kaspars Podnieks and Krišs Salmanis will represent it at the international showcase. The pavilion is being organized by Anne Barlow and Courtenay Finn, who are respectively director and curator of New York–based nonprofit Art in General, as well as Alise Tīfentāle, who is serving as the representative for the KIM? Contemporary Art Center, of Riva, Latvia. The news comes to us via Artforum. Read More


Avoiding the Subject: ‘Scruffy’ at KS Art and ‘Walking Forward-Running Past’ at Art in General


At the small, surprisingly harmonious group show currently hanging at KS Art on Leonard Street, the elephant in the room is the figurative image. But actually, it’s a mammoth—not only because the show is called “Scruffy,” or because the image began as a cave painting, but because it functions here like an exhumed fossil, reconceived in a world it never imagined. Read More