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‘Anselm Kiefer: Morgenthau Plan’ at Gagosian Gallery

Kiefer's 'der Morgenthau-Plan,' 2012. (© Anselm Kiefer, courtesy Gagosian Gallery, photograph by Charles Duprat)

“The Morgenthau Plan” was an American proposal, first mooted in 1944, to partition and deindustrialize Germany after the war. It was never enacted precisely as planned, of course, but while the war was still going on, Joseph Goebbels was able to use news of the idea to rally resistance along the Western Front. “The Morgenthau Plan” is also the title of an installation that Anselm Kiefer showed at Gagosian’s new space in Le Bourget, Paris, last year, of his current show at Gagosian in Chelsea, and of several of the massive, oil-and-acrylic-on-photo-on-canvas tableaux in the show. Read More


Thaddaeus Ropac Will Debut New 55,000-Square-Foot Paris Gallery With Anselm Kiefer and Joseph Beuys


Last night, art dealer Thaddaeus Ropac, stood before a white architectural model on the top floor of the French Institute Alliance Française on East 60th Street, and presented his gallery’s sprawling new space in Pantin, in the northeast of Paris. The compound, which formerly housed a 19th-century factory for heating systems, will consist of eight buildings with a total of 55,000 square feet. The main exhibition space, 22,000 square feet of space in four light-filled galleries, will be divided by convertible walls, which can be moved to transform the space. Anselm Kiefer will be the first artist to present work there in October. There will also be a multimedia space dedicated to performance, which will be inaugurated with work by Joseph Beuys that same month. The gallery will also have our buildings for private viewings, offices and archives. Read More