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‘Purple States’ and ‘Cafe Dancer Pop-Up’ at Andrew Edlin Gallery

Installation view of 'Purple States' at Edlin. (Courtesy Andrew Edlin Gallery)

“Sometimes more is better,” Martha Stewart Living crows of its recent recipe for chocolate ice cream cake with hazelnuts and marshmallow swirl. Agreed, when it comes to ultra-decadent desserts. However, that almost never holds true for summer group shows. “Purple States,” though, is the rare and wonderful exception: a jam-packed smorgasbord of artistic delights that feels like even more than the sum of its excellent parts. Organized by the artist Sam Gordon, it includes a shambolic, multigenerational mixture of some 60 outré-minded artists, who are cleverly presented in pairs—one, a non-mainstream or folk figure, the other, a more mainstream practitioner with shared interests. Sans checklist, I had trouble telling some of them apart, which lays bare the false and silly (but long-held) “insider-outsider” dichotomy that now finally seems to be waning. Read More

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Outsider Art Fair Announces 2013 Exhibitors, Complete With a Few Surprises


The Outsider Art Fair, which dealer Andrew Edlin acquired last year, released the list of exhibitors for its 2013 edition, and it includes a few dealers you might not expect to be doing the fair, like New York’s Laurel Gitlen, a Lower East Side gallery focused primarily on contemporary art, which is sharing a booth with the Brussels contemporary gallery Sorry We’re Closed. Vito Schnabel has also grabbed a booth. Read More

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Preview the Dallas Art Fair

20 Photos

Phil Wagner, Untitled (with ladder), 2012

Since its inception in 2009, the Dallas Art Fair, which opens today and runs through April 15, has more than doubled its size. The fair began with with 30 exhibitors and is now showing 75 national and international art dealers including some from New York, like Lisa Cooley, Untitled, Canada, Salomon Contemporary, Feature Inc. Read More